Josh Groban Brings Internet To Tears With Hauntingly Beautiful Brand New Release


Josh Groban is no stranger to the highs and lows of life being a superstar. There are deep privacy issues many of us couldn’t understand – and when you couple those with the stresses of everyday life, things can get overwhelming quickly. That’s why Groban wrote his new song “River.” He wanted to discuss the hardships of life and reassure his fans that they are never alone!

Groban told PEOPLE’s Brian Bowen Smith that his inspiration for “River” all had to do with finding the light – even during the darkest times. Groban said, “Whenever we have dark times in our lives, whether we suffer from depression, or addiction, or anxiety, or even just having a really bad day, the worst is that it feels like we are suffering alone… Far too many people feel this way… I hope this song and video are a reminder that it’s the simple steps, the smallest gestures, that can pull us back to the light. It’s those things for me. Find your ‘river.'” We don’t need to isolate ourselves further when things get tough or go on some big shopping spree to feel better. Sometimes, the best way to heal is merely sitting by the river and listening to the wind against the trees.

For Josh, the river is where his worries wash away. He gently sings, “So I walk down to the river / Where the troubles, they can’t find me / Let the waters there remind me / The sun will be there when we wake.” These words are proof that we all suffer in some way – but it’s how we deal with the pain that makes all the difference. Listen to his powerful new song and watch the incredible video below. Thank you, Josh, for shining a light on the darkness we all face from time to time!