He Was Taking Those Clydesdales for a Walk. Now Keep Your Eyes on That Little Baby Horse


One of the most blessed countries in the world is Scotland. This time round, we will be looking at how they manage to breed the Clydesdale horses and make them famous through the Budweiser marketing.

The clip below features the life of St. Louis Clydesdale horses and how they are famous. Practically, they are born and raised up in Warm Springs Ranch, a farmland which has enough space for them.

Their fame in the Super Bowl adverts started about 30 years ago. Since that time to the present day, they have become part and parcel of the annual celebration of commercials and sport.

You can’t resist watching the clip below when you see a Clydesdale fowl in front of the cameras doing his thing. What a breed of horses that even know how to kiss a man! You can see that the baby horses are so eager to mature quickly so that they can do what their parents are doing.

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