A kind-hearted man saw a dog that was about to be sold at a meat market And He Couldn’t Walk Away


The story is about Daniel Xinyi, who lives in Singapore and decides to visit his father who lives in China. However, you know that in Asia people eat dogs.

One day they come across a group of people selling puppies: millions of dogs are sold for slaughter every year. Xin Yi and his father saw dogs being sold alive in bags for meat, and Xin Yi’s father only managed to save one, which he freed and named Doggo.

Doggo lives in his office because dogs are not allowed in the building, but this is temporary and he will move out as soon as living conditions become favorable. The most important thing is that Doggo is alive. About 10,000 cats and dogs are eaten each year at the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival at the end of June. This is reported by the Huffington Post.

Most dogs are stolen from homes, beaten or skinned alive. The issue is a step in the right direction following recent outrage and criticism of this year’s dog meat ban. .

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