Family Walks By a Homeless Guy – Then Dad Stops and Shows His Kids What Christmas is All About


Just spare a moment to think about it: What exactly is it about Christmas that makes people want to celebrate? And based on the facts about Christmas, how should you celebrate it? This video has all the answers!

In the clip, you see a man trying to load a Christmas tree onto his car, and then there’s this homeless man who offers to help with the task. Afterwards, the man, who is also a dad, keeps thinking about the homeless man and his simple act of kindness. That’s when he makes a decision!

So the dad goes out again in search of the homeless man. He finds him at a local shelter and then does something so touching. You must want to know what he did!

The video is accompanied by GENTRI’s version of “O Holy Night,” and in this case, you can bet it’s all you need to get the point. Christmas should be about helping the needy and bringing happiness into the hearts of the desolate. I love this message!