These Triplets Were Born Genetically Identical They Beat The Odds 200 Million To One.


She already had one child, a three-year-old daughter named Indiana and wasn’t expecting anymore kids this soon. However, when she found out she was pregnant, she was shocked. They had decided to have more children, just not this soon. One thing she didn’t expect was to have triplets though!

Becki-Jo started having severe headaches during her pregnancy for the triplets. She went to the hospital and this was when she found out that she was having triplets. She was shocked! Everyone in the family was shocked because there were no triplets in the family so this was definitely unexpected for all.

The doctor scheduled an emergency C-Section to deliver the babies because of the headaches she was having. Once the baby boys were delivered, the nurses took one look at them and were shocked to see that all three of them were identical. In case you didn’t know, having completely identical triplets is very, very rare. So rare that it is 200 million to one odds of a women having them like this.

Once the boys got a little older, people started saying how they couldn’t tell them apart. Because of this, Becki-Jo decided to get a DNA test done on them to find out just how identical they are.

The DNA results came in and sure enough, these boys aren’t just identical but they are 100 percent genetically identical. They have all of the same exact features, even a birthmark in between their eyebrows. The only difference between them with this birthmark is that one of the boys’ is a little darker than the other two. Also, another one of the boys has a birthmark on his leg and the other two don’t have this feature.

Mommy and family are proud of these babies. Big sister Indiana isn’t even jealous one bit. She loves her little brothers. Her mother is worried that she may have a hard time growing up with three little brothers. Only time will tell on that.

Becki-Jo is the only person who can tell them apart. She says they go through almost 150 diapers every week and five packs of wipes per week. Wow!

The boys names are Roman, Rohan,and Rocco.

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