Parents Rush To Record The Moment Their Spoiled Dog Meets New Born For The First Time


I remember being an only child for about five years and loving the attention. I had my parents to myself, and they would devote all their time to me. Then, my sister came along and the attention, of course, was divided. I remember feeling jealous of the baby and thinking of ways to have my parents to myself again—no luck!

I know that humans have tendencies of being jealous and sad when their caregivers’ attention extends to more than just you, but the same goes for dogs, and other household pets, too. When a family is planning a baby, along with considering everything else, the parents-to-be also have to think of how their dog will react to the newest addition to their family.

Some pets don’t take this too well (although that case is pretty rare). Fenway was an only child of his parents until his mom gave birth to baby Landon. Although the family didn’t know how Fenway would react to the baby, it’s clear that they’re more than happy with the relationship the two now share.

Not only does Fen bring joy to Landon, but the pup is also teaching his little human the ways of life. It’s safe to say that the two are best friends now.

Fen was 8-weeks-old when he came into the family so it’s obvious that he would be a spoiled dog—he was, of course, the center of attention. But, he didn’t mind sharing the attention at all once Landon came into the picture.

Watch Landon and Fenway be the best of friends in the video below!