Two Dogs Were Lost on The Streets – But It’s What Their Owners Did Next That Broke Everyone’s Hearts


I don’t know about you, but I don’t really think I would be friends with people who can’t even love their own pets. You just have to know what happened to Cookie to fully understand this. Some people can be so hypocritical, you know!

Cookie lived with a family for the better part of his life. For a cool 15 years, she brought happiness to this family and shared in their joy and grief. However, it seems like these people didn’t appreciate their nice pet, but no one really knew this until something happened!

One day, Cookie and her dog friend were found lost in the streets of California and taken to a shelter. The staff worked fast to identify their owners who turned out to be the particular family. However, when the family showed up to take their two dogs home, they decided to dump Cookie at the shelter and only take the younger dog!

The people at the shelter were shocked. The story broke out and everyone got angry. Soon enough, a group of volunteers managed to find a foster home for Cookie. Nice!