Father Speaks Out Weeks After Losing Baby With Critical Warning Important For All


When Jeff and Natasha found out they were expecting a baby girl, they were beyond thrilled. The thought of starting their own family, making memories together and spending a lifetime of laughing with their little one was more exciting than they could handle.

But when their daughter passed away unexpectedly just three short weeks after her birth, they were absolutely devastated. All of the happy memories were crushed, the thoughts of laughter were gone, and the tears took over.

It wasn’t until the doctors informed Jeff and Natasha of why their daughter passed that their tears were replaced with anger at the thought that her passing could possibly have been prevented.

After giving himself time to cope with the loss of his baby girl, Jeff was ready to speak out. He took to Facebook to share what happened to their baby girl and how other parents can be aware of this.

In an emotional (and educational) post, Jeff said:

“I’ve been pretty silent since Mallory’s death. It’s taken me over a month now to write this, but if any good can come from her passing and prevent someone else from experiencing the heartache, then I would be remiss not to make an effort.

If you have a new baby, or will be around a new baby, wash your hands. A lot.

If anyone wants to hold your baby, make sure they wash their hands first. Then make them do it again…”

Washing your hand before touching a newborn baby is essential and this brave Dad wants the word to spread just how dangerous it can be if not followed.

We wish Natasha, Jeff and their entire family nothing but the best during this painful time and trust she is resting peacefully in Heaven.

Source: Sharetap