Travelers found a hungry puppy abandoned in the middle of the desert, Puppy Was Living In A Tire


Researchers Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold are known for their expeditions as part of Sufferfest, one of the most difficult adventures to survive in cruel land. The couple finds an old bicycle puppy whom they left while walking on a rocky peak in California.

Cedar realized that the puppy was supposed to die in the middle of the desert. As the puppy whispered that he was thirsty and hungry, Cedar decided to save the puppy and followed him to the end of the journey. Seeing that the puppy is as alive as they are, Cedar called him “Sufferpup” and called him an adventurer!

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The rest of the trip was an intense connection between Sufferpup and the adventurer. Despite the hostile atmosphere, Sufferpup began to look better in the loving company of his two rescuers. When something happened to Cedar and Alex, the couple found solace in the pleasure of their new furry friend!

At the end of the trip, the men were very upset about the well-being of Supperpup. Finally they found him at home with a friend in Boulder, Colorado. Today Sufferpup is the eldest son in his new home, and he smiles back. Rescuers are so happy to find and save this puppy!