Armadillo Relaxes In Woman’s Pool And Is In No Hurry To Leave


While things typically go as expected at home when we go on vacation, that’s not always the case. In fact, Tammy Anderson of Nacogdoches, Texas found an interesting sight when she was checking on her vacationing sister-in-law’s home: an armadillo chilling in her pool!

In the beginning, Tammy was curious as to why there was a large, dark lump sitting on a float in her sister-in-law’s pool. That’s when she inched closer and realized it was an armadillo, a common animal in East Texas. That’s when she pulled out the camera to give us so humorous footage.

In the video of the unexpected incident, Tammy and another female in the background wait until the pool toy floats closer to the edge of the pool so they can rake it to dry land and ensure the armadillo returns to his natural habitat. Once the float is removed from the pool, the ladies see that the armadillo made a few holes in the pool float. Naughty!

Despite one of the women trying to guide the critter away from the property with a broom, it looks like he was about to jump back in the pool. The poor little guy just wants to enjoy a peaceful time swimming on a hot day! Can’t blame him.

While it wasn’t an easy task, the women are eventually successful in getting rid of the armadillo as he finally makes his way into a large hole underneath the home’s porch. Whew!

I don’t know about you, but I would be much happier hearing that there’s an armad

my swimming pool rather than hearing there was a robbery at my house while I was away on vacation! That armadillo is sure lucky he’s cute.

The video below of the swimming pool-loving armadillo will make you chuckle. Make sure to watch it before you carry on with your day!