The elephant hugs her missing calf and meets her a few days later…


An amazing video has surfaced on the internet today, revealing the story of a missing baby elephant.

With the help of kind-hearted people, he was reunited with the elephant and was captured by a drone, revealing a very touching moment.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, has already become a huge hit there, garnering over 250,000 views and warming the hearts of many animal lovers.

Here is a scene about a little elephant who got lost a few days ago. The herd abandoned him, but kind people helped him and did their best to reunite him with their elephants and the rest of the herd.

The drone then captured a touching scene of the five-month-old baby elephant resting in his mother’s arms. Watch the touching moment a baby elephant is reunited with its mother in India’s Anamalai Tiger Reserve.