Janet Devlin gave a stunning performance singing “Yellow” by Coldplay


Today, a video of Irish singer Janet Devlin, who surprised her fans, appeared on YouTube.

This time, the world-famous hit “Yellow” was performed for the first time by Coldplay.

The video, posted by Janet Devlin on her YouTube channel, has already become a real hit – her performance on the above network alone has received more than 100,000 views.

Recently, the Irish singer made a cover of the world-famous song “Yellow”, performed by the musical group Coldplay in 2000 on the album “Pachutes”. The song is one of the biggest hits and was nominated for a Grammy Award as the best rock song in 2002.

Janet Devlin is an Irish singer and songwriter, born on November 12, 1994 in Gortine, Northern Ireland. Ona became famous in 2011 in the eighth series of The X Factor, in fifth place, and previously she repeatedly performed on YouTube.