Ice Cream Truck Stops in Neighborhood. Now Keep your Eyes on the Pit Bull in Line


The ice cream truck passed the same road, at the same time every day while playing its usual tune. It became obvious that every child and pet around knew the theme.

Dogs are curious creatures but the best friends you can ever have. This dog was playing outside when it heard the famous ice cream truck. Just like any hungry child could do, the pit bull ran to the truck.

When it comes to cookies, kids sometimes get impatient waiting for their turn but not for this dog. The dog arrives in time and sits with a lot of patience as he waits for his turn.

When it is his turn, the dog eats the treats as if he was a little child being fed by her mom. From the look on the dog’s face, it appears like he enjoyed and loved treats. Maybe, if he knew how to talk, he would have said, “they are so sweet.”

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