Woman Dumps Household Items In Dirty Toilet Bowl. When She Flushes, Toilet Hasn’t Been Cleaner


What comes to mind when you hear the word “cleaning?” For me, I think of my Saturday mornings spent working my way through the house, with all my cleaning tools in tow. I have my duster and steam mop for the living and family rooms; there’s the sponge, all-purpose cleaner, rag cloth, and steam mop for the kitchen; and then again, I have my all-purpose cleaner, (a different) sponge, toilet bowl cleaner, and shower sponge for the bathrooms.

I’ve mastered the art of cleaning my home over the years. Not only do I do it quickly and efficiently, I also know which products work best for the different rooms in the house. But, if there’s one thing that I like to experiment with, even now, it has to be the toilet bowl cleaner.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the store-bought toilet bowl cleaners that everyone uses. For me, though, I feel like they have a very strong chemical-type smell and don’t last as long as I would want them too. I find myself looking for a new one every few weeks.

I’ve tried many different homemade DIY solutions as well. There’s the vinegar trick, which is simply adding a dash of vinegar to your bowl and cleaning it with the brush. There is also the kool-aid trick which works wonders. Then, you also have the dishwasher soap method in which you dump some Dawn, or whatever other soap you use for the dishes, into the toilet and scrub away. They’re all tried and tested, and now I’m adding another one to the list.

Since I’m looking for something long-lasting and with a nice smell, this trick that I’m going to share definitely does it for me. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

empty spray bottle
toilet bowl brush
your preferred essential oil
baking soda
Vinegar and baking soda have properties that fight bacteria and keep things clean. The essential oil will help give the cleaner (and your bathroom) a very fresh and nice scent. If you’ve ever worked with essential oils before, then you’ll know that the scent is very long-lasting as well.

All you need to do is add vinegar to the spray bottle, dump the other items right into the bowl, and scrub! There you have it, another easy and effective DIY solution to a dirty toilet bowl.