The Sweetest Little Girl Loses Her Mind while Dancing on ZZ Top


Recently, a video was posted on YouTube of the musician singing ZZ Top on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

During the performance, all attention was focused on a little girl who shone with her dance moves and listened to the rhythm of the music.


The video has already been a huge hit on YouTube, hitting over a million views in just a few days. Most admired the talent of the street performer, but most importantly, they love the little girl dancing in the background.

Street musician Robin Spanell sang “La Grange” on guitar in Vancouver in 1973 with the world famous band ZZ Top. During the performance, she made the little girl dance as if nothing could stop her.

Many wrote that while watching the video, the little girl brightened up the day with her beautiful and sincere dance. Seeing her love on the dance floor will make your day even more beautiful.