When The Customer Is Always Right And The Loader Doesn’t Give A Damn


Everyone knows that the customer is always right. Well, at the same time, we are all aware that this is not really the truth.

It’s just a phrase that many customer engagement workers need to obey!

An older driver in the clip that has landed on the web these days also wanted the impossible. He went straight to the construction company and ordered the worker to load up the whole bucket of the topsoil in his small trailer.

The worker quickly explained to him that this would not be possible, since he could load a lot more soil with a digger than he can fit in the trailer. Despite the explanation, the client still insisted on his own!

Because the worker didn’t want to negotiate with a man, and because the client is always right, he followed his orders and his colleague took the scene to the camera. Did the worker do the right thing?

Source: klipland