He Lays on The Ground for a Nap – Then a Cheetah Approached Him and Did The Strangest Thing


Dolph is a guy with some really soft spot for wild animals. In fact, the good guy has already fallen in love with this cute Cheetah named Eden. Now, Eden is one cool creature that has grown to trust and love Dolph, so you can imagine the kind of fun these two have when they meet up. This is fun!

In the clip, you see Dolph on ground, and then the big cat approaches. Before you fret thinking the guy is about to face-off with an animal, Eden lies besides him and the two spend some really quality time together. What’s more awesome than this?!

Since the two forged this friendship, Dolph has gone out of his way to let the world see and know the nice side of his new friend, Eden. Well, from look of it, he’s clearly succeeding in this. You can bet that these two will remain friends forever. I love this already!