Bride Delivers Special Gift For Groom At Their Wedding, Leaving Him In Tears


On the web, we found a video clip shared by the 33-year-old Jamie Forbes on her Youtube Channel. She told her future husband, 35-year-old Charlie Forbes, that she has been pregnant for two months.

Jamie told good news to her soon-to-be husband on their wedding day, in front of family and many friends.

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First, the bride Jamie prepared a tear-jerking wedding speech for her new life companion, promised him eternal loyalty and happiness, and then surprised him with even more important news.

“This is the most precious gift I will give you and I hope it makes you as happy as you have made me,”Jamie said after completing the speech, then she gave her future husband Charlie a special gift.

There was a photograph of the ultrasound inside the box, from which it was evident that they were expecting a baby. Charlie cried out happily, and there was no lack of joy and happiness even among the family and other guests at the wedding.

Take a look at groom’s reaction at the wedding when he was told by his bride that they were expecting their first child…

Source: klipland