Stranded Moose is About to Drown Under Icy Lake – Then A Hero Steps In And Makes Everything Okay Again


What would you do if you found a wild animal in danger?

VicktorJohannessen was enjoying the outdoors in winter in northern Sweden. Viktor was skating on the frozen lake when he spotted a moose.  The moose was stuck in the ice and was struggling to free himself. However, his massive body kept falling back to the ice.

Viktor and his friends knew the moose needed their help. The moose’s heavy weight and frozen water made things harder.
Viktor and the team broke the ice since the moose had failed to do so. They chipped the ice and made way for the moose to move out safely. Lucky for them, the distance from the moose to the shore was short. However, the duo used a lot of energy to break the ice.

Watch the video and see the rescue efforts from the two. The two put their lives in danger to save the moose. Just imagine if the ice broke and they found themselves in the freezing waters. We applaud the men for the selfless action.