Girl Grabs Other Gymnast’s Hand. Seconds Later, She Is Tossed And Spinning In The Air.


Watching one gymnast perform is mesmerizing. Watching several gymnasts perform is unbelievable, but watching two gymnasts perform is my favorite. I admire the connection and determination the two have for one another on the mat. There’s this theatrical, chemical energy that can only be found in pairs. They have each other’s lives in one another’s hands, after all!

At the 26th Annual World Championships Acrobatic Gymnastics in Antwerp, Belgium, US champions Emily Davis and Aubrey Rosilier from the San Antonio, Texas/Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio represented the USA for the women’s pairs competition.

These two award winners have been working together for two years and have brought home four awards including gold and silver. In this performance, set to Disturbed’s version of “Sound of Silence,” the girls wow the audience with their highly technical, intricately choreographed routine. From lifts to splits, cartwheels, and layouts, these two combined all of them for a stunning performance.

I’m not a judge, and there were a lot of breathtaking moments throughout the routine, but it was at 1:10 that I had to play the video back a few times. This feat of strength, balance, and flexibility dropped my jaw. You can see the intense look on Aubrey’s face as she falls into the splits, careful not to falter or lose focus. This act was so incredible!

Emily and Aubrey’s coach Vladimir Vladev stands by looking confident and impressed. The talented young women took home fifth place for this performance.