Driver From Hungary Blocks A BMW Illegal Pass On A Railway Crossing


We find arrogant drivers not only in our country but also in other countries. The bad reputation of BMW drivers has been confirmed these days by Hungarian as he set himself on the opposite lane with the vehicle along the railway line.

All for the sole purpose of speeding up after railway barriers raised to overtake the Fiat Punto driver.

The scene was captured on camera in the village of Dunavarsány, Hungary, when the barriers were lowered and drivers waited for the path to be safe. An arrogant man in a BMW vehicle drove into the opposite lane to overtake the drivers in front of him.

But his plans were soon destroyed by a Fiat Punto driver who stood first in the line!

When the barriers raised, he took off, closing the way to the BMW driver. As the BMW driver was positioned on opposite lane, he encountered standing vehicles on the other side of the railway crossing … Lesson learned?

Source: klipland