Adorable Kitten Annoys Big Dog, His Response Made Everyone Laugh


Years ago, a video from Ukraine landed on the Web, in which the author recorded a cute play between her two pets.

A little kitten persistently nudged a big dog, but soon after he clearly showed the kitten that he has it enough!

Vladlana Tkachenko, the owner of the kitten and the dog, posted a video online showing the play between the two pets.

The kitten tried its best to get the attention of the dog, which gave many animal lovers a fair laugh with his hilarious move.

When the kitten was scratching his nose, the dog soon have the kitten a lesson with his big paw and held it in his grip for some time. When you see how cute the kitten and dog were during the game, you will definitely laugh at the scenes in the clip too!

Source: KliapLand