Rare Footage Uncovered Of Elvis Singing Emotional Love Song Is Bringing Everyone To Tears


One song, “Always On My Mind,” has been performed by many artists, but Elvis was the first person to produce a hit with the beautiful love ballad. Most people who have watched Elvis perform saw him at one of his live shows, but this video recently resurfaced, showing Elvis in a more intimate setting — the recording studio. The video below shows the star singer recording the song that would later become a big hit.

According to smoothradio.com, the song has an interesting history; Elvis was not the first person to sing “Always On My Mind.” “Originally a soul ballad titled ‘You Were Always On My Mind,’ the song was written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James, and Wayne Carson. Brenda Lee recorded her own version soon after.”

“This song tells the story of someone who admits that they didn’t always do the things they should have to show appreciation for their partner, but wants them to know they were always thinking about them.”

The concept is pretty simple, and so was the writing process. Co-writer Wayne Carson wrote the song while sitting at his kitchen table. He said it took about ten minutes. He then put the song on the back burner while he worked on other projects.

“He held on to the song for just over a year, and was finishing a recording session when producer Chips Moman asked about recording ‘that mind’ song, but added it needed a bridge. Wayne went upstairs to figure it out when Johnny and Mark walked in the door, and he asked for their help to complete his song. Between them, the two-line ‘tell me…’ bridge was added.”

The song came to Elvis by way of one of his bodyguards, and in what appears to be perfect timing, he recorded the song within weeks of his separation from wife Priscilla. It was to become one of his most well-known songs.

Watch that magical day in the recording studio with Elvis in the video below.