Couple Come To The Rescue Of Desperate Moose Drowning In Ice


A couple in Sweden were just finishing lunch when they noticed something across the icy lake that looked strange.

“It looked like someone had thrown a huge rock onto the ice, but through the binoculars we could see that ‘the rock’ really was a moose struggling to get out of the water,” explains the man.

She was so panicked and exhausted, she couldn’t get out of her icy trap. They quickly put on their ice skates and brought along an axe and ice pick and skated over to the desperate animal.

The man from Örnsköldsvik, Sweden writes:

“When we came close, the moose first tried to get away from us, but soon settled down an lay resting with her head on the ice while her body shivered in the cold water. My girlfriend, Sigrid Sjösteen, immediately started hacking away at the ice to try to get the animal ashore.

“At first we thought that it would suffice to perforate the ice, so that the moose could break it herself, but at that point it was too exhausted to even attempt it.

“In the end we had to break the ice entirely to make a path all the way to shallower water, where she could reach the bottom and heave herself out of the water.

“We took turns chopping, and as the ice was quite thin we also had to make sure to keep ourselves out of the water, since we didn’t want to end up taking a cold bath with a 300 kilo moose.

“All in all we were there a bit over 30 minutes before she got out. During those 30 minutes we weren’t at all sure whether she would make it or not, as she lay passive for long periods of time and sometimes didn’t even react when we tried to scare her towards the path. Needless to say, it was a great relief when she was finally back on dry land and we knew that she was going to make it.”