Men In Tutus Emerge For Christmas Performance & Instantly Their Routine Has Crowd Hysterical


Christmas is the season for fun, laughter, and celebrations. This is why funny holiday shows and musicals are everywhere. Parents take their kids to those shows in hopes of making them more aware of the traditions and just to simply make them happy.

For the people who went to see Desert Star’s Nutcracker Ballet, however, the show offered so much more than just holiday spirit. It was a performance they won’t forget anytime soon.

When a man dressed in a red shirt, green necktie, and white tutu came on stage, the crowd started giggling and laughing. And when three more men wearing the exact same costumes followed, the audience just about lost it. After all, these weren’t your typical Nutcracker ballerinas!

The men hopped and twirled around the stage in a hysterical fashion. They sure had some pretty amazing moves, well, sort of.

One of the highlights of the routine had to do with what was under the tutus. While each of the men sported plaid boxers underneath, when one of the men turned all you could see was a big old “rear.” The crowd was rolling in their seats!
The show was clearly a parody, and the actors were really proud of how they delivered it. While it wasn’t the exact same as the classic version of The Nutcracker – people had fun watching it. The actors, who aren’t really trained in dance, tried their best and it worked! At one point, they were even lifting each other up as if they were “professionals.”

The choreographer, Allison Cox, shared that the choreography for the show took a lot more work than usual, but it’s still one of her favorites. Training people who don’t really dance to do a show that involved a lot of dancing wasn’t easy, although worth it.

In an interview with the Daily Herald, she shared:

“This has been one of my favorite shows, even though it’s been more work for me. The actors do a great job performing and really doing ballet moves while staying in character and making it very funny.”

The audience had a really great time as well. Even if the show had villains, it was really hard to boo and hate them. With their acts, you’d rather just laugh since they’re so undeniably funny.

The Nutcracker was first performed on December 18, 1892, at the Imperial Mariinsky Theather in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s a fairytale ballet involving two acts that centered around one family’s Christmas Eve celebration. Since its premiere in western countries during the 1940s, it has been one of the most performed shows around the Christmas season.