Drunken Chelsea Fan Gets Pushed Off The Train In Most Hilarious Way


On the London Underground, these days, they had a very special passenger. He was drunk and repeatedly chanting “Chelsea! Chelsea!” while stumbling around on a westbound Central Line train, while the rest of the passengers were horrified by his behavior.

That’s why one of them took the right into his own hands and pushed the Chelsea fan in a speedy procedure from the train!

When the train stopped at the St. Paul station, one of the passengers took the opportunity and kicked the fan off the train! Only a second later the door closed and the fan was stuck on the platform.

The whole scene was captured by another passenger on a mobile phone…

Opinions on the web are shared: some approve the move of the passenger, as the fan behaved indecently, while others are convinced that the passenger went too far. Look at the scene that surrounds the web these days!

Source: klipland