Hilarious Moment Driver In Gridlocked Traffic Exits His Car To Perform Silly Dance


Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Maintaining a positive attitude while being stuck in traffic is tough, which is why so many people are finding this video so fun to watch!

A video is going viral this week showing a man get out of his car while stuck in gridlock traffic in Baltimore, Maryland and proceeding to perform a silly dance!

The man, who is wearing sunglasses, jumps out of his vehicle and started side-stepping across Falls road near Lake Avenue, ending up near the lane of on-coming cars. He then moves back towards his car, continuing to perform the dance as his car door remains open.

At one point, the driver opens his arm and hops towards vehicles located at the back of the line. He even starts simulating the slapping of his own buttocks as he spins around in a semi-circle and proceeds to squat multiple times.

Some are comparing his moves to musical movies like the Oscar-winning 2016 La La Land. Others say that he was undoubtedly influenced by the 2007 Hairspray movie’s feel good song “Good Morning Baltimore,” which is set in his city where this man’s dance took place.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried,” she wrote alongside the video. “I guess this man thought it was a good time to bust out his dance moves while in construction traffic on a Tuesday morning. … and yes I stopped to video it.
Check out the dance in the video below!