After Simon Cowell Stopped her from Singing, Daughter and Mother got a Golden Buzzer


A new test for Britain’s Got Talent 2020 appeared on the network.

Referee Simon Cowell interrupted the performance of mother and daughter, but when they returned to the stage, they were impressed by Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer.

14-year-old Honey and her 43-year-old Sammy came to Essex, England, to take the BGT exam this year. Shortly afterwards, they took a cold shower during the game, and strict judge Simon Cowell interrupted them, saying that he did not like the song they had chosen.

After some time, they returned to the stage and sang the song “Lost Without You” by British singer Freya Readings. Judge Amanda Holden, who won her daughter’s gold trophy, was most impressed with the show, and this time Simon Cowell was also Happy.