UPS Driver Hears Woman Crying ‘Help’ and Calls 911, But When Cops Break Down Door, They’re in Disbelief


Lee Purdy works as a UPS driver, and he likes his job. One day, he was delivering a package in a neighborhood Clackamas, Oregon, when a strange noise caught his attention. It sounded like someone was screaming for help. On listening carefully, Lee was sure that a woman in the house in question was calling for help. What else do you make of a voice screaming “help me?”

Lee was a little confused and didn’t quite know what to do, so he called his wife and explained the situation to her. He needed some advice. His wife told him to stay put as she called the cops. That’s how these cops found themselves breaching a house looking for a criminal.

Turns out, the whole thing was a false alarm. The voice calling for help was actually a parrot trying out its usual gimmicks. Can you imagine that? Lee and his wife had called the cops on a small parrot!