The funeral dog will not leave the grave during the funeral of the 22-year-old owner


The faithful dog refused to leave the owner … even after he passed away.

James William Warner, 22, left this world and friends, especially his dog Ace. The puppy was so sick that he refused to leave the owner’s grave.

Warner’s mother, Christy West Warner, shared the heartbreaking photo on Facebook.

The 25-year-old suspect is the son of a judge and was immediately arrested by the police.
Christie and her husband James Robert had to immediately bury their son, and his body was already dismembered. They couldn’t even take Will’s coffin.

Christy West Warner

“We’ve all been robbed,” she said. We couldn’t do every last drop of isolation or peace by saying goodbye, ”he continued.

Tennessee spokesman Todd Warner described his grandson as “a love of life and people.”

“This is a tragic end to something that never happened,” she said.

Christy West Warner

Will’s uncle called him “an ordinary country boy” who helped his family raise chickens at Tyson Foods. He raised livestock and planted ranks.

But it was Ace who was beyond heartbroken.
Dogs live their lives for us, giving and receiving all the love they can. The loss of their human is incomprehensible to them and us.

Christy West Warner

Ace never left the casket’s side during the funeral. The dog lay himself down on the grave when his master was laid to rest. It was a truly heart wrenching moment to witness.

Ace and Warner were inseparable, even going to school together. Ace waited in the truck and he didn’t mind.

Christy West Warner

“This dog is so special and Will was so proud of him,” she said.

Warner would also bring Ace to church and other family events. Ace and Warner shared a tight bond, and everyone knew it. All Warner had to do was call, and Ace would come running.

Only Warner and Ace understood this love. Ace had a really good owner and his dog truly loved Warner. It was a terrible loss for the poor dog.

Christy West Warner

Experts conducted a study to determine if dogs are mourning their deceased owner.

“If an owner dies before someone else takes care of their pet, it can be confusing, sad and difficult,” said a professional behavioral researcher and trainer based in Los Angeles. Russell Hartstein said.

Christy West Warner

Let the whole family, led by Ace, heal and find a way to heal quickly. Losing a loved one by death is never easy.

Like any mother, Christy was beyond shattered when she learned about her son’s passing.
“It’s like I had an out-of-body experience. I just collapsed. My whole world was broken into a million pieces,” she told the Tennessean.

Christy West Warner

“Every second I stayed with Will was a joy. He was just larger than life, he was just a good boy. He was so personable,” she added.

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