10+ Pics Proving That Cats Are The Cutest Things On Earth


The reason why each of us gets a cat may varies, but one thing for sure is that they look cute to us. Their playful but sometimes serious attitude is super entertaining. Other than that, there are some scientifically proven benefits of owning a cat, such as: stress relief, mental illness support, pest control, etc. but let’s not dwell on that here. Today we just want to show you a compilation of cute cat photos! Hopefully this will encourage you to adopt a kitty.

#1 Soccer mom and her child.

#2 Hiding from the sun.

#3 Morning stretch.

#4 “My bed.”

#5 Blep.

#6 Rub me to sleep.

#7 Catbowl.

#8 Family time.

#9 “Help me!”

#10 Belly exposed.

Source: Purrworld