Hens Are Obsessed With This Dog And Her Shiny Dog Tags


Chickens at the Pensa Chicken Farm are smitten with Shilo the Great Pyrenees Dog, or more specifically, her shiny dog tags. The laying hens are obsessed with them and peck at the tags around Shilo’s neck, while she sits calmly among them.

Shilo doesn’t seem to mind the attention. The guardian dog has been surrounded by her flocks since she was a year old and the chicks were just 4 weeks old.

In this amusing video, Shilo’s owner is advertising his farm’s wares while Shilo is surrounded by the hens she looks after at the farm in Pensacolo, Florida.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear a little ‘ping, ping’ in the background. That’s just those little hens pecking away at Shilo’s shiny dog tag. Perhaps it’s as Shilo’s owner jokingly says, “all girls love jewelry”.