Tiny Puppy Tries Peanut Butter For The First Time And Goes Buck Wild


Let’s be real. Most of us have given our canines table scraps at some point. Although we’re told that human food isn’t good for our furry friends, sometimes we can’t help but spoil them. Surely, they’ve got to be getting tired of eating the same ole dry, bland-tasting dog food, right? Otherwise, why else would our pups be drooling at the dinner table every night with googly eyes fixed on our plates?

While certain foods like chocolate are toxic to dogs, other human foods are considered safe or even healthy for them to consume in moderation. For instance, green beans, carrots, and lean, cooked turkey are examples of human foods that may actually be good for dogs. Many of us dog owners silently rejoice after hearing this news.

One controversial human food that people often give to dogs, however, is peanut butter. Many claim that peanut butter is harmless while others worry that the xylitol some peanut butter brands contain may harm our beloved pups. Others worry more about the high calories and oily content of peanut butter and how that may interact with our pets. Luckily, some sources state that in small amounts, peanut butter can be fine for canines.

Speaking of peanut butter and dogs, a viral video is spreading across the Internet of a sweet puppy named Jinx trying peanut butter for the first time ever! But no worries – the owner informs us that the peanut butter she was given didn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. Additionally, the pup was only given a tiny amount.

In the video, the pug-beagle mix (puggle), who’s wearing a pink bandana around her tiny neck, goes bonkers when one of her owners holds out a spoon with peanut butter while saying, “Peanut butter, peanut butter.” Jinx is already a peanut butter fanatic; the smell is driving her wild!

Then when she finally gets access to the tasty treat, she chomps hard on the spoon. Ouch, her poor teeth! Fortunately, the pup eventually learns not to chow down on the spoon, but rather, just lick the peanut butter off of it. The best part of the video is seeing how antsy and excited Jinx is and watching peanut butter remnants collect on her furry face!

Source: metaspoon