3-year-old performs ‘Jesus Loves Me’


In the video below, 3-year-old Ezrah Noelle steps onto the stage of American Kids, patiently waits for her music, opens her mouth and sings “Jesus Loves Me” beautifully. No stage fright is apparent by the time she fearlessly pirouettes for the audience.

Although Ezrah was only 3 at the time of this video, she is now 12 and still loves to sing, according to her Facebook page. Ezrah performs in Branson, Missouri, as a yodeler, dancer, singer and actress. In comments on the original YouTube video post, her mom says, “When Ezrah started dancing like this, it was a SHOCK to us! I had no idea she was going to dance, and it made me SO nervous! She had never practiced like that, and at 3 years old, you have no idea what they’ll do. … From then on, she still does what she wants to on stage, no choreography.” This technique seems to be working just fine for Ezrah who, according to her Facebook page, is coming out with a new CD.

As a 3-year-old she took the world by storm with her precious rendition of “Jesus Loves Me.” Her love for music and being on stage definitely comes through loud and clear in this wonderful little piece.