91-year old gets harassed by 3 bikers, then stands up and takes the ultimate revenge


Never mess with old men and women. They’ve been around the block, and their wisdom and experience win out every time. Respect your elders, and they might teach you a thing or two!

Many elderly folks love to share hilarious and fascinating stories from their past. That’s why I adore this funny fictitious story! I love when worlds collide, such as when this experienced old-timer goes up against three arrogant and disrespectful bikers.

Note that these fellas aren’t representative of all bikers – every group has their bad apples. I hope you’ll like this story – if you did, feel free to SHARE it with your friends!

A 91 year old man by the name of Paul is quietly having a meal in a roadside diner after a few hours on the road. Suddenly, three leather-clad bikers enter.

Paul glances at the new arrivals, but then resumes enjoying his coffee and apple pie.

All hell breaks loose

The first biker walks up to the old man, and without a word, puts out his cigarette in his apple pie. He then walks off to sit down at a table in the corner of the diner.

The second biker clears his throat and walks up to the old man. He drops a disgusting glob of spit into Paul’s coffee, and then goes over to the corner to join his biker pal.

The people in these pictures are not related to this fictitious story. Source: Flickr

The third biker threateningly walks up to the old man, and stands there looming over him. He picks up Paul’s plate, throws it on the floor, where it shatters with a loud CRACK. The biker then walks over to the others with a grin.

Without saying a word, Paul reaches for his wallet, pays for his meal – and then gets up and leaves the diner.

“Hehe, that old geezer isn’t much of a man, is he?” says one of the bikers to the waitress.

The waitress smiles and replies:
“He also isn’t much of a truck driver, seeing as how he backed over three motorcycles in the parking lot just now…”

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