Maeby The Husky Becomes A Makeshift Bed


Maeby the husky’s nap is interrupted by an adorable little friend, but it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. The cat’s name is Farina, and we see her give her canine pal a little back rub before nuzzling into Maeby’s fur.

While it looks like Farina is massaging her dog friend, another explanation for her behavior might be “kneading.” This rhythmic flexing of her paws could be a way for her to express her affection. According to PetMD, kittens instinctively knead the soft surface of their mothers’ underside while suckling to “help stimulate the mother’s milk production,” but that behavior doesn’t stop as cats age. PetMD also speculates that cats continue to knead as they grow older because they “forever associate the motion of kneading with the rewarding comfort of nursing.” So, if your cat kneads you as you pet it, he or she may be trying to return that affection. Or, in this case, she might be trying to express her friendship with Maeby.

Watch this tender moment in the video below, and be sure to let us know what you think of these sweet animals in the comments section.