Huge Tibetan Mastiff Dog Filmed in Croatia


Last year, a video was posted online from the Novi Zagreb area in Zagreb, Croatia, which caught the attention of a huge dog.

The Tibetan Mastiff has impressed many dog ​​lovers on the web with its size and barking ability, and the video has already become a real hit.

Elvis Lukic,Youtube

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered to be a very intelligent, fearless and inquisitive dog with a lifespan of up to 15 years. Males weigh 73 kg (160 lbs), making them one of the largest dogs.

Elvis Lukic’s YouTube video from Zagreb last year has been watched by nearly 3 million people to date. Many commentators around the world point out that the Tibetan Mastiff is a giant.

The small cage could hardly bear its size, and the barking and appearance of the dog will surely impress you. Watch the shooting of a giant film about a local Tibetan Mastiff from Croatia.