Golfers Come To Instant Standstill When They See Geese Chasing Away A Giant Alligator


When was the last time you went golfing? One of the first and most recent golfing memories you may have acquired was the geese present, right? Geese sure do love golf courses.

One golfer, Ryan Witkowski, was partaking in a charity golf tournament in South Florida. It was during this tournament that he decided to hit the “record” button when he spotted something a little unusual going on — the incident involves a group of honking geese.

As Ryan was ready to shoot his ninth hole, some geese were making a lot of commotion, and he wasn’t able to concentrate. That’s when he thought it would be a good idea to find out what was going on. To his surprise, the geese were honking at, and following an alligator! Yes, an alligator.