Fox Gets Hopelessly Tangled in Garden Netting


A video of members of the Wildlife Aid volunteer organization rescuing a poor fox landed online last month.

The animal got entangled in a net in one of the gardens, and it no longer knew how to get free.

Wildlife Aid.Youtube

The video of the rescue, posted on the YouTube channel of the voluntary animal rescue organization Wildlife Aid, has already reached almost 300,000 views to date. Simon and Lawrie from the said organization came to the aid of the fox, who found itself in big trouble.

The fox became entangled in a garden net, and it could no longer find a way to freedom on its own. If they hadn’t come to its aid, the fox would most likely got injured.

Watch a wonderful video in which good people saved the live of a wild fox that was hopelessly entangled in a net in the garden. Well done to the good people for such action!