Austrians Didn’t Forget About Animals, Footage During Snowstorm Takes Breath Away


The snowstorm has calmed down among Europe, but many places are still covered with a thick snow. And if people know how to help themselves during snow, unfortunately, this is not true for many many wild animals.

When a thick snow covers the ground, many wildlife animals struggle daily to get some food.

From Unterwart, Austria, a video is coming, which attracted a smile to many across Europe. In search of food hundreds of deer and other animals came near good people.

The scenes quickly circled Europe and the world, and over the course of a few days, the video has already exceeded 1.2 million views.

Well done to the inhabitants of Unterwart city for such selfless help to the animals that unfortunately can not help themselves alone in these difficult winter conditions. These are the scenes worth sharing with friends so that they also know how important it is to help animals in such cold days!

Source: klipland