Crowd Can’t Stop Watching Toddler Dance Freely In Street


When street musician Borja Catanesi of Valencia set up camp along a busy street, he hoped that he would draw a flock of fans and admirers around him during his performance. Borja was thrilled when people stopped to listen to his incredible guitar-playing talent. But they weren’t just pausing for him. The cutest little toddler sporting strappy white sandals and a denim dress appeared to be in awe of Borja’s playing. She could not stop staring at him, but then she did something that has since gone viral.

Borja began playing the guitar when he was 15 years old and his God-given talent shines in the video below. Borja shared footage of him strumming a reggae-sounding and incredibly impressive version of “Despacito” on his snazzy electric guitar. The little cutie hopped up and began skipping around, spinning, bobbing and grooving to the song. Her braids swung around wildly and she cannot stop dancing away the night. She lifted her hands up above her head and shimmied around. Borja commented along with the video that the little girl danced next to him for at least 30 minutes. “She had a great time! I love playing music for those who enjoy it.”