Homeless Kitten finds a Family and Makes new Friends


Sorin Popa, a native of Brasov, Romania, wants to have a kitten and has a friend who plays with the new family’s dog. Instead of buying a cat from a pet store, she wanted to visit the nursery and have a kitten that needs a home. She had no idea that the kitten would find a family instead.

According to Love Meow, in the fall of 2017, Popa and his family adopted a white dog named Dante and wanted to find a companion kitten. Sister Pope learned that her family had called Daddy because they were looking for a kitten because of a stray animal found near a construction site. Dad’s family decided to take the kitten, and it was clear that they needed a home.

The little white kitten they named Abizu was “abandoned, very dirty, hungry and smelled like trash,” Pope told Love Meow. The family affectionately called for Abi, so she went to the vet to cleanse and examine him. After that, the family bought everything the new family member needed.

“On the second day, they [Dante and Abby] started sniffing each other. But we walked a short distance until Dante’s bowl was filled with water. Even though the water was full, Abby ran straight to drink the water, ”said Popa. Love me … From that moment on, the two animals became inseparable.

The family moved into a new apartment and they had no furniture to talk about, but Dante and Abby were fine. They imitated each other, stood on the balcony of their apartment, watched passers-by and found ways to entertain themselves to spy on their owners. Together they found themselves in trouble as easily as possible.