Young woman sits on public piano. Her rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ has whole crowd looking on in complete awe


Have you ever stopped and looked at all the people walking around and past you in a public place? Now, have you ever tried to imagine how much talent those people could possess and show if given a chance to do so? Well, you’re about to witness something very inspiring!

In my opinion, whoever came up with the idea of availing some public pianos in public squares deserves a medal. People of all walks of life come across these pianos and play their best tunes. It’s a true manifestation of the incredible piano-playing talents many people have but never show. In these public places, they’ve a chance to show the world what they have “holed up” inside them. This one here one of them!

In this cool clip, Ariane Racicot from Montreal, Canada walks right up to a public piano, and then she proceeds to work it up to a tune that’s even too beautiful to describe. It’s the famous “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, and you’ll love it. In fact, everyone gathered around her is completely smitten by her talent. She’s just perfect!

She incredibly plays the entire song, catching the attention of many passers-by and garnering an admiring audience as the song goes on. Despite the piano being slightly off key at times, Ariane pushes through and still manages to make the song sound amazing.