Penguin Chased By Killer Whales Jumping on a Tourist Boat


These days, the Internet is surrounded by videos filmed in the South China Sea.

Tourists watched powerful killer whales from a boat, attracting the attention of special animals. The penguin was swimming among the whales.

Matt Carsten and his wife Anna filmed a small penguin fleeing from a killer whale known as an orc. While all the pointers were counting the last minutes of the penguin’s life, something amazing happened.

The penguin found a temporary shelter with tourists, escaped, jumped into the boat and waited for safety for a while. The penguin was taken by boat to another location, and when the orcs retreated, he jumped into the water again.

See an unusual phenomenon in the South Sea where a penguin hops onto a boat and rescues its skin from a killer whale. The video has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube in just a few days.