Mom’s duck decided to swim to the orphan chicks and adopt them


Ten ducklings were driving along a highway near Detroit, but luckily they were rescued by members of a charity that helps animals.

Ducks without a mother walked along the way, but, fortunately, kind people helped them. They were rescued and taken to a nearby lake, where other ducks tended the babies.

When the ducklings were thrown into the water, another duck immediately swam away. She decided to adopt them and thought the duckling was their mother.

Take in the beautiful scenery on a lake just outside Detroit where ten abandoned chicks were adopted by another duck. Love for animals also knows no boundaries.


This Animal Control Officer found 10 baby ducks on the Southfield Expressway. They had been abandoned. She stopped traffic, rounded them up and brought them to the South Winds Golf Club. We put them in one of our ponds. Our pet duck, who we had named Stella, had hatched her family of nine 2 weeks ago near our cart shed, was swimming at the time. As soon as the officer put the babies in the water, without hesitation, Stella left her family and welcomed the new ones! Way to go Stella!

Publiée par Chris Grandy sur Mercredi 13 juin 2018