Dancers Trapped In Airport For 6 Hrs Bring Down The House With Wild Routine


We’ve all been there. Just about to board when a squeaky voice comes on the loudspeaker and says there’s been a delay. Most of us try to stay calm and bide our time – but these folks were at the end of their rope after six long hours. The passengers on this flight had no idea a superstar group was in their presence and was about to do something that would make their tension melt away. Now the group’s impressive impromptu performance is gaining attention online. Why can’t something like this happen to us when we’re stuck at the airport?!

Just as anger was about to go through the roof with yet another delay, the professional dance troupe “Funkywunks” jumped out of their seats. They couldn’t just sit idly by while the mood in the room deteriorated completely. With Bruno Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk” playing over one of the member’s Bluetooth speaker, the troupe boogied, bopped and bounced across the gate.

By the end of their performance, nearly everyone had their cameras out and were recording. It’s not every day you see something like this happen in an airport! Take a peek at the Funkywunks’ fun dance routine in the video below. It takes talent to dance like this on a professional dance floor, let alone in the narrow space of an airport gate. Hopefully, their routine was enough to make even the grouchiest passengers smile. How would you be mad watching an incredible performance like this? We can’t wait to see more from the Funkywunks in the future!