Tiny Baby Walks Up to Family’s Giant Dog Dad Quickly Hits Record


You’ve a pet that you already love so much, and then you happen to bring a cute little baby into this world. Sometimes it can be had dealing with such a situation, especially if the kid and the pet don’t get along quite well. In any case, cool pets are always welcoming of the new little family members. In fact, we’ve watched numerous videos of dogs being very friendly to little kids and even protecting them. Well, we found another one!

So here’s a little child that’s so eager to explore his surroundings, and then we’ve Sydney, an adorable huge canine that loves all his humans. You’re about to witness one of the most explosive scenes of absolute love and tolerance!

See how the baby stumbles around and tries to support himself with Sydney’s massive body. The dog is 4 times larger in size than the kid, but he’ll let him find his way around peacefully and lovingly. What else would a parent wish for?!