The cat loves school so much that the school had to issue a student ID


Bubba is a cute orange and white cat from San Jose, California. Amber Marienthal has been living in Lelandle High School and Brett Hart High School since she was adopted in 2009 at the age of two. At first, Bubba was supposed to be a strong kitten, but Marientals let him go every morning because he was in great pain.

He went to school every morning.

He began by visiting Brett Hart, but later turned his attention to Leland. There are two sons of Amber, Matthew and Mark, now at school. At first, the materialists were concerned about his safety, and they realized that all the people in the school, students and teachers recognized him as an unofficial talisman. This is the difference he shares with a dog named Otis since the 1960s.

Students wanted to erect a statue of Bubba, who walked down the aisle every day in search of a hat. But it was canceled.

However, Bubba was able to graduate in 2017. At the age of ten, he finally seemed ready. However, he continued his education at a school in Leland.

No one knows why the friendly singer Bubba loves school so much. He just loves action. Or maybe he always wanted to read, write and study arithmetic.

He does not come home until he finishes in one day, and he is not afraid of this man or anything else. He scratches his head, inspects the closet, sleeps on the desk and wanders around.