Homeless Man Surrenders His Injured Dog To The Vet So She Could Live


The dog in this video is quite the walking miracle! When her owner realized her leg injury was not going to heal, even after he had worked so hard to help her, he did the only thing he knew to do. The man was homeless and could not afford her medical costs so he brought her to the vet and surrendered her to their care. What happens next in the video is a true miracle you do not want to miss!

Sheba’s leg was terribly infected and she had several fractures. The only thing the vet could do was to amputate her leg so she would have a chance at a full recovery. When you see this sweet dog running so fast, you will be amazed she only has three legs! Her disability has not stopped her from enjoying a single second of fun with her new owners. See this amazing dog’s story and Please SHARE on Facebook.