Mom Dog Just Gave Birth to Her 4 Puppies – But Watch Who Else Asks For Her Milk


There are less than 30 amur leopards living in Russia, and that tells you that this is already an endangered species. It’s for this reason that the staff at a zoo in Vladivostok had to take extreme measures to save a little curb.

When she was born, the zookeepers took this curb away from her mother for security reasons. The mama leopard had eaten her previous 3 curbs, and that wasn’t something the good humans could let happen again. They had to keep this one safe.

So what did they do? They brought her to this cute, friendly mama dog named Tessa. Tessa had given birth to a litter of 4 nice pups, so the zookeepers figured that she could also be the mom to this little leopard too. Well, she did exactly that. Looks like maternal instincts have no borders!

The little creature grew up and made friends with other animals, including a tigress, a lioness, and even a puppy. From the look of it, she’ll grow into a really friendly spotted creature. You’ll love her!